• Image of Rain (2016) CD

Rain is the first album from blackened funeral doom band Petrichor from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The album came together in a frenzied period of writing, lasting approximately 5 months and was recorded in a series of sessions at Funeral Studios, Leeds.

"Misery is definitely the over-riding feel and theme of the album though, coming through especially strongly on “This Too Must Die” and the closing track “Nihilist”, a 12 minute suicidal dirge that, crucially for a song of such length, never feels as long as it actually is. Rain isn’t the kind of album that can be put on regardless of mood – it’s too emotionally bleak and devastating for that – but when the right kind of sadness takes hold of you, it’s a gloriously crushing example of funeral doom done right."

- The Sound Not The Word, 20165